Thrive Content Builder Review – Visual Tutorials (Part 1)


Content is the king ( No fun intended )

Still Content is the king and sure you must see websites ranking without any backlinks or other SEO efforts.


You're making some 40% average income for a year and you think its time to make skyrocket your income for the upcoming years.

Again, you don't need to go for more quality content, spice up the already existing content with the help of Thrive Content Builder.

I'm warning you, after using Thrive Content Builder you might hate default WordPress editor.

I'm sure about it.

Do you think I'm over hyping ?

Yes. I over hype if I love the product and no options, this Thrive Content Builder review is your best read today.


Thrive Content Builder Review 

The best part of Thrive Content Builder is that it costs just $69 and no monthly subscriptions.

I already loved a lot about Thrive Products and this one needs no further introduction. I have Thrive MemberShip license and enjoy all their products and you shouldn't miss my post ” seven best Thrive themes products ” which I use for almost all the blogs.

There are exactly 42 features and few other things that need to be discussed. So I'm dividing this Thrive Content Builder review into two posts, thus gives you a detailed study about this WorPress plugin.

Thrive Content Builder divided into four major parts. They are

  • Simple Content Elements
  • Multi-Style Elements
  • Advanced Elements
  • Thrive Theme Elements.

This is how those 42 features got split into this four categories.

In this Thrive Content Builder Review part 1, we are going to look into Simple Content Elements and Multi-Style content Elements.

​Thrive Content Builder Review Features

To get this TCB ( Thrive Content Builder ) , there are few steps to be followed

  1. Go to New post
  2. Add the post Title
  3. Save the post as draft and as you get the URL, you can click on the box “Edit with Thrive Content Builder” given just below the URL.

Before looking into this review, let's see how Thrive Content Builder looks like

​#1 Paragraph / Text Element

This is very basic thing which creates a text box to write words without any visual effects.

#2 WordPress Content

Sometime, some options will be avaialble only with WordPress editor. To add contents from WordPress editor, you can use this element from TCB ( You just need to drag and drop anywhere in the content part)

#3 Image 

The above box is the example of Image option. You need to browse the gallery through the given option and add images.

#4 Button​

​The below are some example of button options from TCB. You can do any type of modifications, be it size,color, font and even doing an event manager option for advanced setups.

#5 Icon + Credit Card Icons

Thrive Content Builder tied up with Icomoon to access unlimited number of icons. Following tutorials will show you how to add different icons in your posts.

Sometimes you need to build landing pages with payment gateways and to make your page more reliable, TCB offers credit card icons which can be added anywhere in the post. 

This is how Credit card icons looks

#6 Custom HTML AND CSS

You can add your own custom HTML and CSS codes to spice up the design as per your tastes. Just drag those elements and enter the code, save and check for live preview.

#7 Content Container and Content Reveal

This explanation part is written inside the content container. As the name suggests, it creates a box where you can add a note or important words to describe more about the product your promote.

#8 Star rating 

Simply enter the Max and Rating value,TCB displays the star ratings and it's fun to use anywhere.

Now we are going to look into Multi-style Elements.

#9 Content Templates

Content template is the process of doing a design from scratch and saving it as template for future use.

This is how folks at AH created a content template for their internal use and you can see they use it for all review posts.

You can see they used both single and multi style elements to design a stunning review box. They used styled lists, column layout, Star rating, icons and buttons.

#10 Column Layout

The Content Builder gives you a number of options that you can use to arrange your content vertically into columns so that you can achieve layouts as per your wish. 

In this post, I used two column layout to displays those six buttons.

#11 Content Box

This is how content Box looks like with & without headlines. It is useful to show highlighted texts and there are few other designs comes preloaded.

Content Box with Headline

This is how content box looks with headlines and there are total of six different visuals to add content boxes. 

This is how content box looks without headlines.

The other two designs comes with different header parts.

#12 Symbol Box

Symbol box are the great way to show list of posts, number of ways like blog posts and it looks like below.​

The first example is Icon box and second one is number box.​


The icon box



The number box

#13 Social share buttons

You don't need any additional plugins to add social share buttons. It comes with two options Custom design and Default design.

There are five style options to display the social share buttons which can be added anywhere on a page with simple drag and drop.

#14 Quotes share

This is my favorite one in Thrive Content Builder. The great looking click to tweet embed is available with TCB. Click on to share it and find how it works.

Live visual review of Thrive Content Builder here @bloggingio

Click to Tweet

#15 Styled List and Divider

Again my favorite one and I'm pretty sure ​every user of TCB use it. Below are the six ways to use Styled lists.

  • li li li
  • Bullet Point 1
  • Bullet Point 2
  • Bullet Point 2
  • Bullet Point 2
  • Bullet Point 2

Divider gives a break point between paragraphs and displays a horizontal line.

#16 Testimonials

Adding testimonial t​o any kind of websites online, will surely ensures trust and gain. Thrive Content Builder does the job in an easy manner where you can testimonials with or without pictures.

This is an option to display testimonials with picture.

John Doe
UI/UX Designer

This is an option to display testimonial without picture 

John Doe
UI/UX Designer

Apart from the above designs, there are other seven pre made designs available for immediate use.

#17 Guarantee Box and Call to Action

The CTA buttons gives a great way to increase conversions and Thrive comes with four beautifully designed Call to Action buttons.

See how cute this CTA button

At end of blog posts, you can display this boxes to increase your conversions.

Thrive also provides money back guarantee box to build trust with buyers.


The product comes with money back guarantee so you dont have fear getting this product.

Along with Thrive Content Builder, you will get 150+ highly conversion focused landing pages for homepage , offers page, review page and landing pages for clients.

Here is a glimpse of landing pages that comes along with Thrive Content Builder.

To be continued...

Now, we discussed two parts, Single and multi-style elements which are just 50% things about Thrive Content Builder.

I will be writing the part 2 covering advanced elements and Thrive Theme elements.​

I use Thrive content builder for almost 85% of sites and even I'm using TCB for a site which​ is completely built on it right from home page to contact page with no WordPress themes in it.

Thrive Content Builder

Thrive Content Builder

Drag and drop builder


    Regular updates


      Customer Support


        Easy integration with WP Editor



          • No lag builder
          • Better than Visual Composer
          • Complete landing page builder
          • Inbuilt icons support
          • Neat UI


          • Requires yearly payment for future updates
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