Thrive Optimize Review: The Best A/B Testing Tool?

Thrive Optimize is the latest WordPress product from Thrive Themes. After using the tool for a while, I can proudly say, it will be one of the best A/B testing tool for WordPress sites at such lowest one time fees.

While I'm writing more about the product with screenshots and videos, here is the official video of the tool from Thrive Themes.


See how easy it is.

Thrive Optimize

Thrive Themes known for keeping its price simple and straight forward. Unlike most companies Thrive Themes dont offer periodical deals, the only the best time to get their products at the lowest price is during the launch time.

Thrive Optimize Review


Customer support


A/B testing with no codes


Easy to setup


Choose automatic winner


Periodical updates with new features


  • Updated August 10, 2018
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