Thrive Themes Review 2023 – Your Questions Answered

For some strange reason, Google loves to show this page for newly launched theme builder. However, I wrote a detailed Thrive Theme Builder review here.

I'm trying my best to convince Google bot to show the correct page, till then use this link to check the review.

Do you know what's awesome for Internet Marketers in recent times?

It's Thrive Themes.

Ever since it's launch, the company released a lot of products every year, and here is my Thrive Themes Review explaining how it became a crucial part of my blogging success.

The USP of Thrive Themes is, they analyze problems faced by marketers, and to solve it, they come up with awesome products at some unbelievable price even their competitors can't think of.

Here is my first purchase with them in 2015 and finally ended up buying Membership where I'm getting access to all the existing themes and plugins also I'll be getting free access to all the future releases.

Thrive Themes Review 2023 – Your Questions Answered 1

The best way to save is to get a Thrive Membership account where you'll get access to all the existing products and new releases.

Note: I mentioned Thrive Themes as TT in some parts of this post.

Thrive Themes Products

1. Thrive Leads

Many people don't know there existed a lead gen plugin called Hybrid Connect which was later branded/replaced by Leads.

I'm a hybrid connect the user and later started using Leads upon its release. From the day of using, I understood the company is going to become a massive resource for bloggers.

Here's one of my recent campaign done with Leads

Thrive Themes Review 2023 – Your Questions Answered 2

Email Marketing is still one of the effective media to get traffic and leads right from the stone age.

  • If you don't know anything about Email marketing and need a spoon feed,
  • If you getting some conversion with simple forms and planning to skyrocket your subscriber's list, then again Leads is for you.

I showcase the above form in my review where I offer something exclusive for my users and ask them to sign up. Once done, the email auto-responder will automatically deliver the files to users.

This one should be your all in one lead generation plugin and a potential OptinMonster Alternatives costs just a one-time fee of $67 with lifetime updates.

2. Thrive Architect

Along with leads, I started using Thrive Architect for my sites. I bet you can't find any other flexible, robust visual editor in the market. There are a few more similar in the market, but nothing comes to what Architect does.

Ever wondered what the plugin does?

The idea is simple. You can edit and modify whatever you need to do just from the Front End. Your creativity is your limitation; that's what I can say and check our Thrive Architect review here.

Many people ask me whether Elementor is better than an Architect. Honestly, I never used the Elementor Pro version for my sites since I never thought of moving out. However, the company wrote a comparison with Elementor comparing everything like features, pricing, updates, and support.

3. Landing Pages

It's one of the #1 conversion focused landing page for WordPress.

I know how it hurts while using a time consuming slow loading plugins which nearly takes a day to design a perfect page.

With 7-10 constant updates every month for over years, you can understand how they are taking the business seriously providing an update to customers.

4. Thrive Quiz Builder

Ever thought of building a Buzzfeed like viral sites without the need of developers? This Builder is here to save you.

At Quiz Builder Review where I explained everything and some of the solid features are 

  • Reduce bounce rate naturally
  • Filter bulk traffic to quality traffic
  • Increase email subscribers.

5. Thrive Headline Optimizer

I'm one of the earliest people to test Thrive Headline Optimizer (THO) before its release. As I told earlier, they are innovative in whatever they do, and THO is one of its examples.

While there is multiple headline optimizer in the market, THO is somewhat different. Most plugins optimize headings based on external traffic sources, but THO relies on internal traffic sources.

I will explain why Headline Optimizer is best through this review.

Think about it. If your headline is shared by someone with 100 million followers, it’s going to be massively successful, REGARDLESS of the headline. External factors make it impossible to predict headline performance accurately.

In the case of THO, it displays random headlines to your site visitors and monitors the clicks based on their activities which include Click through rate, scroll depth, and time on content.

Thus THO uses the site's internal traffic sources and thus helps you to choose the best headlines.

You can check out my results below.

Thrive Themes Review 2023 – Your Questions Answered 3

6. Clever Widgets

The plugin seamlessly integrates with the default widgets option.

You can use it to display a custom sidebar for every URL of your site. If you're promoting the list of Best Blogging Tools, you can promote TT at the sidebar of this particular URL. 

Currently, I started using narrow width pages with no sidebar, so I don't have a live demo of in my site. 

Learn More about Widgets. With just $39 with lifetime updates

7. Ultimatum

Thrive Ultimatum is the perfect scarcity marketing tool for WordPress. Increase your sales by adding countdown timers, run complex evergreen scarcity campaigns, and much more a greater Deadline Funnel Alternative in 2019 to save much cost.

Look at the samples through Ultimatum and you can use it as widgets, banners, or inside a post or anywhere on your website with the help of shortcodes.

Thrive Themes Review 2023 – Your Questions Answered 4

The thing is you can run N different campaigns at N different pages and you can use this plugin to improve your product sales, increase affiliate income, etc.

Some of the features I need to mention

  • Fixed Date Campaigns – Set a start date, set an end date, and then let the plugin take care of the rest.
  • Recurring Campaigns –  Automatically starts, stops & repeats campaigns for you.
  • Time Zones Supported – Run your scarcity campaigns in any language & any time zone.
  • 100% Translatable – Translate and run a campaign in any language.
  • Fully Mobile Friendly – 100% mobile responsive.
  • Auto-End Campaign – Automatically stop showing a campaign to every customer who made a purchase.


Thrive Comments makes your comments section more interesting, thanks to Reddit like upvote, downvote buttons paves way for healthy discussion among commentators.

Apart from it, you can enable rewards for top commentators, redirect users to affiliate offers or redirect to the landing page, and many more things to do once they add their comments. You can check the usage of this plugin.

You can get this plugin for just $39 with lifetime updates.


The support is available for 24×7, however, there might be some delay in replies based on the timezone. You can also look at the support forums where you'll find solutions for most common problems. All you need to raise a ticket with the issue, you can include your site login details, it will help them to solve them quickly.

Thrive Themes Black Friday

Thrive Themes Black Friday is pretty termed as UnBlackFriday where the company will spend its 50% revenue generated through Thrive Membership Sales will be spent on Kiva, an interest-free microloan platform for small business.

Yep, the company is different from what most companies do. Being offering one of the most affordable priced products in the industry you actually don't need a Thrive Themes Black Friday Deals in 2019. You can see the deal price of Thrive competitors for Architect, Leads, Quiz Builder is the same as the usual price of Thrive Architect, Leads, and Quiz Builder.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Thrive Themes Worth it?

Definitely, yes. With the launch of complete conversion focused tools, Thrive Themes is mandatory for any online growing businesses.

2. How to use Thrive Themes?

Install WordPress on your website and then install Thrive Themes plugins to get started.

3. Is Thrive Themes Free?

No. It's paid product including all their themes and plugins.

Pros of using Thrive Themes

I was a fan of Genesis before Thrive Themes released their Focus blog layout. From my knowledge, I never have seen such a conversion-focused theme.

Right from blogging related sites, Amazon niche sites, food blogs, SEO services to personal blogs, Focus blog is everywhere.

You can view the demo of the Focus blog here.

Currently, the company is working on something new, Thrive Themes which enables you to design complete site including header, footer, blog pages, etc from scratch and here's a sneak peek

I'm not sure whether the Pricing will be the same after the launch of Visual Builder since it brings complete overhaul design from scratch. However, if you get started with Membership now, you'll get access to Visual Builder with the existing price. 

Note: As of now, the above layouts are not available for purchase. However, If you like any design and there is a work around – get a Membership Account and you can download it as I can see those items are available to download for existing customers.

Even though the first set of themes are never going to be sold again, TT  pushing the regular monthly updates as usual and promises to offer extended support.

1. Built for Speed

Every product comes with lightweight code and the automatic image compression makes the site load even faster than ever. Here is the option in the dashboard

2. Built-in Smart Conversion Elements

Most people buy any theme and further looking for WordPress plugins to place optin forms to increase email subscribers. How about your theme comes pre-built with smart conversion optin placement areas.

3. Shortcodes 

Can you name any other company that offers options like clickable telephone numbers, countdown timers, frameless video embeds, options to hide related videos during Youtube embeds? 

I bet you can't.

Here the complete list of shortcodes.

4. Inbuilt Landing Pages

Every design comes with a minimum of five pages including video landing,optin, Thank you, and sales page. Even some of the theme comes with three homepage templates.

5. Free Lifetime Updates

You can see most companies offer one year free updates and charges after 12 months, but TT is somewhat different.

You'll get lifetime updates with just first-time charges and there is an chargeable small fee only if you need customer support after 12 months.

6. Reduce Plugins Count 

Comes with neat social share buttons as seen in left, related post widgets, and much more through shortcodes.

Apart from Themes, here are some of the stunning products I use for every site I launched to date.

Thrive Themes Pricing

Thrive Themes Pricing

The best thing about pricing, you can go for a Thrive Suite account just for $19/month.

With the Thrive Suite, you get a set of advanced tools for creating exceptional landing pages, Pop-up forms, commenting system, etc. and try out different strategies to convert more.

The Thrive Suite has addressed every aspect of conversion in a very meaningful way. Over the years, users have largely benefited from using these tools in terms of sales and ROI.

  • A straight and simple way of creating Landing pages
  • A/B Testing with WordPress Dashboard
  • A very intelligent commenting system
  • Engage more traffic with the Thrive Quiz Builder
  • Dynamic Countdown timers

With the Thrive Suite, you can get all its products comprising all the useful plugins and themes by choosing one of the two available plans based on annual billing.

Also, it offers a money-back guarantee of 30 days. It is perfect for landing pages, opt-in forms, and Blog sites.

As you become a Thrive Member, you have the advantage of having unlimited access to its brilliant support as well.

Also, with buying Thrive Themes products in parts, you have a huge disadvantage in terms of pricing as they may cost you higher with times whenever there is any revision in price.


I hope you enjoyed our Thrive Themes Review where I covered almost all products with screenshots, being a customer I made it with ease.

There are hundreds of companies launching page builders and more WordPress Plugins but when it comes to conversion focused design, Thrive Themes have no competition.

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  1. And there comes another big hit WordPress plugin from Thrive Themes today – Thrive Ovation!

    They always rock it releasing the best plugins for the goal they target! I too have been a long time user of Thrive and I definitely agree with what you’ve said.

  2. Hey Mohan,

    Thanks for this post! Really appreciate that you highlight the different products from us that you use. And I’m happy to see that our products are so useful to you, of course. 🙂

  3. Hi, Mohan.
    This one is a perfect list, and I agreed with all of your points.

    I’m also a huge fan of Thrive Themes and Plugins.

    They are superb in terms of providing great WordPress products.

    Thanks a million for this excellent article.

    Paramjot Singh

  4. Hi Mohan,

    I have read a post by Mr. Sherman about TCB with these lines.
    “It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it”. Bit confusing. However, a good saying. Analogous to that, TCB stands.
    I am glad to be on this page as I have got enough information on Thrive Products. We don’t want to have ‘n’ number of plug-ins while choosing TCB, undoubtedly. Thrive Leads, Ultimatum, Thrive Architect and so on, you have elaborated to the extent.
    The better option for building a landing page.

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