ThriveCart vs Shopify Comparison 2023: Which is Best For You?

ThriveCart vs Shopify Comparison 2023: Which is Best For You? 1
ThriveCart vs Shopify

To answer the question related to ThriveCart Vs Shopify, we need to niche down our needs and ask the sellers what they want.

Both ThriveCart and Shopify are great platforms offering services whose primary objective is to boost the sales of a seller's online store.

This article will help you identify the critical pointers before choosing any platform and help you understand what might work the best for you.

ThriveCart vs Shopify: An Overview


ThriveCart Review [2021]: Is it Really the Easiest? | The Digital Merchant

ThriveCart is a shopping cart application that increases your sales by reducing cart abandonment and processing successful payments of your store.

With 97K+ vendors and affiliates having chosen ThriveCart over all other platforms, it shows the immense amount of trust people have towards this platform.

ThriveCart provides you with all the premium services you can ever think of and use to up your game in this digital world.

You can attract more customers by using coupons created with ThriveCart. When the customers reach out to your store to buy the products, you let them walk through the funnels you have created using proper upselling and down-selling techniques.

 After they have reached the checkout option, you provide them with neat and defined checkout pages to process the payment quickly and safely. This will generate more revenue along with happy customers.

It is an excellent platform if you have already created an online store and want to increase your sales by using all the tactics offered by ThriveCart.These have always been greatly illustrated in the review of Thrivecart available on the site.

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ThriveCart vs Shopify Comparison 2023: Which is Best For You? 2

Shopify is an online platform that allows you to create your e-commerce store to sell its product online. You can also sell your products in person by using a shopping POS.

The platform gives you the freedom to sell anything on Shopify. But the website briefly diversifies the products into 7 categories-

  • Physical products: Any tangible product can be sold at Shopify.
  •  Digital product: If you offer online products, you can sell your videos, pdfs, e-books, etc.
  • Services and Consultation: If you offer professional services like web designing, law services, medical services, etc., you can gain more customers by joining Shopify.
  • Membership: You can sell your subscription, which will give you a recurring payment monthly, quarterly, or half-yearly. People who have signed up for your program will only get your membership.
  • Ticketed experience:  You can sell the tickets for your programs to organize or events like a meeting for young entrepreneurs, etc.
  • Classes and lessons: If you are a chef or baker and want to sell your lessons, you can create your store on Shopify.
  •  Rentals: If you have a business where you rent items like clothes, jewelry, props, etc., you can also sell those products on Shopify.

It is the best platform for people who don’t have any website and want to create their online store. So, Shopify will help you host your websites and allow you to do all the customization involved.

ThriveCart vs. Shopify: Features

Features of ThriveCart

  •  1-Click Upsell and Bump offer

ThriveCart allows you to create an upsell and bump offer for your prospective customer that reaches your checkout page. You can put a total of 5 upsell and downsell in your funnel to better your online store’s revenue generation.

  • A/B Testing 

It is a process by which you can choose two combinations to analyze which combination generated more leads and sales to your online store.ThriveCart offers you more than 14+ combinations to play with so that you get your perfect combination.

  • Managing Affiliates

It is essential to take care of your affiliates; you should list them and decide their payments.

ThriveCart allows you to track your affiliates and let you customize your affiliate policy according to your need. You can quickly start and stop your affiliate program.

  •  Membership Integrations

People who sell digital products are always in need of running those products efficiently. 

Through ThriveCart, you can integrate with the best membership platforms like MemberMouse, Teachable, Optimise Member, Digital Access Pass, Member Press, and Wishlist Member.   

  • Detailed Stats:

There is no better way to analyze and celebrate your success than seeing the actual stats. Businesses don’t work in guesses; you need to have proper criteria to analyze different parameters. 

And ThriveCart gives a detailed view of your account in numbers and percentages so that you can analyze your store's position.

  • Generate coupons

This is a fundamental marketing technique to create discount coupons for your website. So, if anybody applies this code, they will get a specific discount. The coupons can be time-bound and will expire after a particular period of time.

  • Subscription 

If you offer a product that requires monthly, quarterly, or half-yearly payments, you can use ThriveCart to handle this. They will take your subscription and send automated messages to people whose due date is near.

  • High sales converting templates 

ThriveCart is known for its excellent checkout template. ThriveCart offers you four- checkout templates:  

  • 1-step checkout
  • 2-step checkout
  • Popup checkout
  • Embedded checkout

You can choose any template from this list, and it appears on your checkout page. If you want to have a customized checkout option, you can opt for embedded checkout.

Features of Shopify

  •  Professional Theme 

To improve a buyer’s experience, you need a website that offers themes in a specific pattern and looks inclusive. 

Through Shopify, you get to choose from 70+ free and paid professional themes designed by Happy Log, Pixel Union, and Clear Left.

  • Appoint your export 

When you are just starting in the digital world, you need advice from people who already have substantial experience in their field. 

Shopify gives you an option to appoint an expert from Shopify Marketplace that will provide you with suggestions that will immensely improve the performance of your website.

  • Intense Analytics 

Shopify gives you intense analytic data to analyze the performance of your online store. It provides data about your dashboard telling about the numbers of orders, sales, and business traffic. 

You can also determine the different ways through which people visit your website.

  • Offer Free Shipping 

Shopify lets you customize your shipping charges, and if you want to set a limit for your shipping charges, you can do it for your products. 

For example – people shopping above INR 799 will get free delivery.

  • Dropshipping 

The term “Dropshipping” means selling a product without keeping any physical inventory. 

That means if any customer reaches out to buy the product, you will have to give that order to the manufacturer or reseller whose product you are selling. That person will directly send the product to the customer. 

Shopify has integrated with Ordoro, eCommHub, and Inventory Source to help you set your dropshipping store.

  • Offer Discount & Gift cards 

To increase your number of customers and generate more revenue, you can create custom codes and gift cards for your customers. 

It will increase the interaction of your account, and customers will be most likely to buy from you during this offer.

  • SEO Optimised 

Google works on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and using this method will make your store rank higher than other competitors on Google. 

Shopify allows you to write your target keywords in your store's H1, Title, and Meta Tags.

  •  Product Organisation 

Shopify allows you to organize your product into different categories, types, sales, seasons, etc. You can also create your store’s collection on Shopify. 

It will help buyers in the proper navigation of the products from your store.

  • Unlimited bandwidth and SSL Certificate 

When you purchase any hosting service for your website, they come with different plans to handle a certain limit of visitors. 

But, with Shopify, you don’t have to worry about the number of visitors, and also, your website will include a 256 bit-SSL Certificate for the proper security of your store.

ThriveCart vs. Shopify: Pros and Cons


Pros of ThriveCart:

  • Collects VAT
  • Offers excellent Integrations
  • Supports upsell and downsell
  • Reduces Cart Abandonment
  • 3-day Money Return Guarantee

Cons of ThriveCart:

  • Checkout templates are minimal
  • Cannot customize templates
  • One-time payment can be expensive for small businesses


Pros of Shopify:

  • 14-days free trial
  • Offers a wide variety of professional themes
  • SEO optimized
  • 100-payment gateways

Cons of Shopify:

  • You pay for every add-on services
  • Not easy to switch Shopify
  • Less Customization

ThriveCart vs. Shopify: Pricing

ThriveCart offers you a lifetime plan for $495, where you can access all their premium services. During the ThriveCart Black Friday deal, the prices get dropped further.

You can choose ThriveCart if you want to get associated with it for a more extended period of time.

On the other hand, Shopify offers you 3 monthly plans for

  • Basic Shopify – $29 per month
  • Shopify -$79 per month
  • Advanced Shopify – $299 per month

These plans are bifurcated based on the services offered. So, read thoroughly and understand the plan wisely to analyze which plan is the best for you.

ThriveCart vs. Shopify: Customer support

ThriveCart gives a standard answer to its sellers and conveys it in a simple way that it becomes very convenient even for a non-techie person to solve their problems.

ThriveCart provides you with 199 articles to solve your queries, and if your query is still unanswered, you can submit a ticket telling you about the issues you are facing, and ThriveCart will get back to you within 24 hrs.

On the other hand, the customer support of Shopify provides 24/7 on live chat, email, or phone, which is a great thing.

The primary customer care service of Shopify is not that great. It offers average customer support for non-technical issues, and they cannot give a standard answer to very technical problems.

ThriveCart vs Shopify: Who’s the winner

Now, we are at the end of the battle ThriveCart Vs Shopify. Both ThriveCart and Shopify offer excellent services, and choosing between them will be difficult.

ThriveCart is for people who already have an online store and are looking for a platform to boost sales.

Whereas Shopify is for people who will create its online store for the first time.

So, select according to your unique business needs!