5 Visual Composer Alternative of 2020

Visual Composer was one the earliest page builders arrived in the industry but soon with the the launch of advanced builders and

Most issues faced by customers and there are a lot more things to say and so the People started looking for Visual Composer Alternative.

Being an WordPress enthusiast and using a variety of page builders including the likes of few beta version builders which is yet to get an public launch, I always loved testing new tools and

List of Visual Composer Alternatives in 2020

Thrive Architect – #1 Visual Composer Alternative

I can't really think of recommending other plugins as Visual Composer WordPress Alternative apart from Thrive Architect.

My recent Facebook post of mine explains why it means a lot for affiliate marketers.

If you're building a lot of sites either especially affiliate sites, look no further and choose Thrive Architect, feel the absolute satisfaction.

Thrive Architect is truly an front end, click to edit page builders, unless few which opens default WordPress editor for editing your contents.

Based on available data, Visual Composer has around 80-100 premium templates compared to that of 270+ landing page templates of Architect.

VC price starts from $59 – $349 with one year of updates and support while Architect priced at $67 – $97 comes with lifetime updates.

With the above things, there is nothing to hide, Architect is the clear real  to get started today.

Divi Builder – Best Visual Composer Alternative

Divi 3.0 has completely changed how we are building our sites and being using on my own site, I think people looking for an Visual Composer Alternative will completely love it.

Out of all the page builders, Divi is completely community driven, you can find hundreds of free templates available for free, designed from existing customers.

Extra is an multipurpose WordPress theme which comes bundled with Divi Subscription and you can build a site as per your ideas without any limitations.

Divi builder plugin comes with lifetime access, just pay for once with 20% OFF and enjoy lifetime updates/support along with unlimited site usage, definitely the deal breaker out there.

Elementor – Free Alternative

Elementor was growing rapidly in the last few years and its one the best Free for anyone who're just getting started with page builders.

There is also an lot of third party plugins which makes Elementor an full fledged theme builder.

The things that lacks in free version is the amount of templates and less support, theme builders and advanced widgets which is only available on Elementor Pro version.

If you're more on client web design, close your eyes and choose between either Elementor or Divi Builder since both offers a lot of templates with generous limits on number of installs.

Beaver Builder

Not an user, but still when everyone in the industry praises the tool, I can leave it simply. Beaver Builder is not cheaper, the basic plan starts from $99 which don't include Beaver theme and multisite option.

Beaver Builder comes with 30 WordPress templates and content page templates which can be used to build your sites faster.

You can use this link to get an live demo of how the plugin works and with the access given, you itself can decide whether this builder can be an real alternative.

Themify Builder – Another Best Alternative

With Themify Builder 4.5 , the plugin was quick to work on when compared to earlier versions. To edit the contents, a new lightbox was introduced which is amazingly faster, so we can add contents in seconds, rather waiting for an longer time just like on Composer.

The latest on click edit make things interesting, since you can edit items comes handy instead of moving over to menu items on the left panel.

The new front end styling option will completely make you fall in love with Themify Builder.

There are over hundreds of pre define layouts which you can utilize for building your sites on the go.


There are a lot of page builders coming to the industry and choosing the best as an alternative is such as an hecti task.

If you ask me to filter the list further, I settle with

Thrive Architect as the Best if you're building affiliate sites and need conversion focused design elements like CTA, content boxes etc.

I can recommend Divi Builder if you're looking to save a lot of money, just get an lifetime account and get lifetime updates and support.

Apart from it, the other Visual Composer Alternative has some unique features but lacks at something which is present in my last two recommend resources.

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