Astra Theme Review: Pricing, Demo & Tutorial (2019)

Before going to this WP Astra Theme Review, I need to confess that I hold an account and using it on thirteen sites and currently, Astra Theme is my go-to theme for every one of the sites launched by our team in the last six months.

The company  understood the market gap for fast loading themes, thus delivering this uber cool theme which works very similar to GeneratePress and the likes.

Since you landed here searching for Astra Theme Review or its related terms, it's my job to present you with both the pros and cons, here we go.


Astra Theme Review

I still love using Thrive Themes because they're still the #1 theme when it comes to conversion-focused design. Due to the presence of lots, and lots of shortcodes, Thrive Themes size is on the bigger side.

There are certain requirements like our team launches sites focused on Adsense, one-page sites which require a fast loading theme rather than a conversion focused theme.

In that case, Astra Theme is the only option I recommend for everyone out there in the industry. Before going to the Astra Theme Review, here is my site loading in milliseconds when powered with fastest hosting like FastComet.

Astra Theme Review: Pricing, Demo & Tutorial (2019) 1

Astra Theme Tutorial

1. Fast Loading Themes

As seen above, my site uses the default theme where the page size is less than 200Kb thus eventually makes the site loads faster. Here is another report from GTmetrix where the fully loaded time is 900ms.

If your site is built in news or Adsense niches, you definitely consider moving to WP Astra Theme immediately.

Astra Theme Review: Pricing, Demo & Tutorial (2019) 2

2. Compatibility with Page Builders

While I compared the three trending themes (Vs GeneratePress Vs OceanWP) among marketers, Astra offers the best compatibility with most page builders like Thrive Architect, Elementor, Divi Builder, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer when compared to others.

Page Builders are essentially important if you want to build a local SEO site or a landing page for your online marketing course or conversion focused review post, if not Page Builders, you need to hire a WordPress developer to design such sites for additional charges.

3. Prebuilt Starter Sites

The best part, the starter sites. One can easily grow their web design business to $1000+ per month when you get an agency license.

There are more than 50+ starter sites available across the local business, ecommerce, business niches where you just need to change the content of your clients, that's it, you can launch a site in less than an hour.

I wasn't just writing this for Astra Theme Review, but if you view the demo of starter sites, you can understand how the site is readily available.

You might find some themes possess good thumbnails but when you check the demo, you'll see a very simple plain design and you need to work to bring the site to live as seen in the thumbnail.

But with Astra, you don't need to suffer from all these customizations. How good life is for Internet Marketing agencies like us! But with Astra, you don't need to suffer from all these customizations. How good life is for Internet Marketing agencies like us!

4. WooCommerce Integration

If you haven't heard, a one-second delay in loading time affects nearly 7% conversions when it comes to ecommerce. Even if you use the fastest hosting but going for an outdated WooCommerce theme won't improve your conversions.

WP Astra worked tirelessly to add the most possible hooks that enable to improve the conversions no matter what the product you sell.

Chris Lema, Head of VP, Liquid Web states

At Liquid Web we tested over 50 themes for WooCommerce – looking at both performance and price. Astra cleanly beat the competition. It's why we recommend it to all our WooCommerce customers.
Astra Theme Review: Pricing, Demo & Tutorial (2019) 3 Chris Lema , Liquid Web

You'll find hard when a hosting company powering a lot of WooCommerce sites of customers recommend a particular theme to get started.
Here are some of the reasons how Astra WooCommerce good like OceanWP

a. Conversion Ready Drop Down Cart

Astra Theme Review: Pricing, Demo & Tutorial (2019) 4

b.Off-Canvas Sidebar

Astra Theme Review: Pricing, Demo & Tutorial (2019) 5

c.Sales Bubble Style

Astra Theme Review: Pricing, Demo & Tutorial (2019) 6

d.Grid Settings

Astra Theme Review: Pricing, Demo & Tutorial (2019) 7

e.Quick View

Astra Theme Review: Pricing, Demo & Tutorial (2019) 8

5. Lifetime License + Unlimited Site Usage

The cheapest Astra Pro Pricing is $59 for a yearly billing while the lifetime pricing is $249.

There is also an agency license option by which you'll get access to other BrainStorm Force products like Schema Pro, Convert Pro, add-ons for beaver and Elementor.

You can direct checkout from the official pricing page.

6. Awesome Customer Support

BrainStorm Force, the company behind Astra Theme offers fastest customer support and if you raise a ticket with enough details, they will come up with a solution in the first reply itself, also there are a lot of tutorials available on the internet.

The reason I'm stating this, few companies advertises 24×7 support but most of the first reply will be like” we got your ticket, wait for sometime, we will respond you back soon” but it will take a few more hours for next reply.

I didn't find such issues and there is such an instance.
Astra Theme Review: Pricing, Demo & Tutorial (2019) 9

Cons of Astra

1. Confusing Options

WP Astra offers in-depth customization for example, you can do ten different customizations for ten different pages.
I felt lost in some areas because of too many options.

However, if you aren't doing so many changes, you don't need to worry about it.

2. Less Number of Blog Themes

There is 50+ starter site but I can find only less than five themes exclusively built for blogs. While most affiliate marketers use blog style layout and looking for same, I hope the company will add more themes.

Also, most of the WooCommerce themes are focused on selling physical products, I find no themes good for selling my services.

That's the reason you can see most SEO service seller sites uses Thrive Themes FocusBlog Theme since it offers a distraction-free layout.

Astra Theme Pricing

There are two different astra pricing, one is the regular yearly access while another is lifetime with unlimited site usage.

Astra Theme Review: Pricing, Demo & Tutorial (2019) 10

Astra Regular pricing

Astra Theme Review: Pricing, Demo & Tutorial (2019) 11

Astra Lifetime Pricing

Concluding this Astra Theme Review with a note, Does Astra Worth The Hype?

Astra Theme Review
Astra Theme Review: Pricing, Demo & Tutorial (2019) 12
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