7 Best WPEngine Alternatives (Cheaper & Faster) 2022 – Which Is Right For You?

WP Engine Alternatives

In this post, I shared the very best WPEngine Alternative hosting services.

Out of seven WP Engine Alternative hosting mentioned below, I have used four services to host my own projects.

Thus I share my experience here to pick the best option for you.

The Best WP Engine Alternatives Are

1. Kinsta

WP Engine is restricted to only a fixed data center for seamless hosting. In my view, I would recommend Kinsta as the overall best WPEngine Alternative. It is a powerful WP Engine alternative that hosts all 24 data centers.

7 Best WPEngine Alternatives (Cheaper & Faster) 2022 - Which Is Right For You? 1

Kinsta is pretty aggressive in deriving new features within. For instance, PHP 7.4 entered the scene first by Kinsta then WP Engine.

WP Engine's loopholes can be avoidable with Kinsta, the best WP Engine alternative. Kinsta enhances the performance of WordPress websites and helps them perform seamlessly even during heavy traffic. Kinsta is completely built over the Google Cloud Platform. This infrastructure makes it different from Kinsta in all aspects.

Kinsta is well optimized WP Engine alternatives for WooCommerce powered by Google Cloud. Moreover, with the inclusion of Kinsta, the page load speed gradually improves without any optimization. The caching process prevents interfering with the account, my cart, or checkout sections. This is essential for giving the customers a seamless checkout experience.

Kinsta has a responsive support team that monitors your WordPress website for troubleshooting. They also help suggest ways to fix the issues over the sire with the right implementation. The support team of Kinsta is available 24/7 via chat for attending to customer questions and queries.

The pricing of Kinsta starts at $30 per month with a 10 GB disk space and a 20k traffic limit.

2. Nexcess

Next, I would suggest Nexcess as the affordable WPEngine alternative. The best part of Liquid Web Nexcess is that it does not overcharge the extra visitors. Moreover, it offers fixed billing options. 

7 Best WPEngine Alternatives (Cheaper & Faster) 2022 - Which Is Right For You? 2

They have their own data centers that eventually result in more resources. For instance, the spark plan offers $19. It consists of 2 TB bandwidth and has no traffic limit for the seamless operating of the website. Not only that, but it will also cover free email hosting.

WP Engine offers similar features in a $30 plan. And has bandwidth & traffic limits of 50 GB and 25k, respectively. Moreover, you do not even get a hosting email service. Thus, Liquid Web Nexcess is one of the productive WP Engine alternatives.

Liquid Web Nexcess, a healthy WP Engine alternative. It offers all-around protection from several site attacks, malware attacks, and bot attacks. It daily monitors the WordPress website and customizes the firewall to enhance protection. 

7 Best WPEngine Alternatives (Cheaper & Faster) 2022 - Which Is Right For You? 3

Besides that, you can also increase user concurrency without second thoughts. This processes with the use of a cloud accelerator. It also optimizes the performance & loading speed of the website.

The customer support team of Liquid Web Nexcess is available 24*7 on all modes. Connect via chat, email, and phone calls to answer customer queries and questions.

The hosting services of Liquid Web Nexcess start at $19/month. It is for one website with 15GB storage and 2TB bandwidth.

3. Templ.io

Templ.io is also a Google Cloud-oriented hosting WPEngine Alternative. It is one of the best WP Engine alternatives that implement Google CDS, DNS, and Cloud altogether. It uses Google CDN for better performance.

7 Best WPEngine Alternatives (Cheaper & Faster) 2022 - Which Is Right For You? 4

This is for enhancing the performance of all the Google apps that exist, such as Gmail, YouTube, and others.

Templ.io being one of the best WP Engine alternatives, gives you the confidence of high loading speed. This will help the site get more attention from the visitors. The competitors will fall weak with the reliable performance offered by Google Cloud hosting.

Templ.io is scalable for the WP website owners to tweak it as per their business needs. They also offer server-based cache implementation and others for better performance. With this WP Engine alternative, you can ensure uptime check & cloud hosting.

7 Best WPEngine Alternatives (Cheaper & Faster) 2022 - Which Is Right For You? 5

Moreover, another feature of Templ.io is that the data centers run on renewable energy. The consumption of energy is thus reduced by 50% than other data centers.

7 Best WPEngine Alternatives (Cheaper & Faster) 2022 - Which Is Right For You? 6
The offer free page speed optimization

The customer support team of Templ.io is available 24*7. They respond to the customers within 5 minutes during office hours.

The pricing for Templ.io starts at $29 per month with 10 GB SSD storage and 10 GB bandwidth for one WordPress site.

4. Cloudways

Coming up next is a popular WP Engine alternative, Cloudways, that is cheap & effective. It ensures efficient hosting for your WordPress website. Moreover, unlike the WP engine, Cloudways is not auto-scalable. But it provides many features in the small price range of $10/month. 

7 Best WPEngine Alternatives (Cheaper & Faster) 2022 - Which Is Right For You? 7

Cloudways is essential for providing hosting services to eCommerce sites, agencies, and business websites. It makes it an evident alternative for WP Engine and offers SSD hosting to enhance the speed and reliability to meet the website's needs. The benefits are diverse and efficient.

7 Best WPEngine Alternatives (Cheaper & Faster) 2022 - Which Is Right For You? 8

The stack of Cloudways is truly optimized with the inclusion of NGINX & Apache web servers. MySQL & PHP-FPM databases are also included for enhanced performance. The Cloudways CDN implemented onto the hosting services improves the response time. Moreover, it also reduces the latency while handling the WordPress website.

Cloudways also offers one migration of your WordPress website for free. The Cloudways migrator plugin can be additionally purchased to migrate unlimited websites.

Cloudways, the best WP Engine alternative, offers 24*7 customer support services. They will help you deal with troubleshooting aspects. They will also help you get solutions to your questions and queries.

The pricing for Cloudways starts at $10 per month, which gives you 1TB Bandwidth, 1GB RAM, and 25GB storage.

5. SiteGround

If you are looking for the cheapest WP Engine alternative, SiteGround is for you. It operates on shared architecture instead of the cloud. Though it is not a direct WP Engine alternative, it is still excellent and efficient. Agencies should host multiple sites with less traffic.

7 Best WPEngine Alternatives (Cheaper & Faster) 2022 - Which Is Right For You? 9
SiteGround New Control Panel

The hosting resolution offered by SiteGround is extremely fast. It also optimizes the website for better performance. This makes it one of the best WP Engine alternatives with enhanced site performance. The WordPress transfer or migrator feature is also available easily within site.

The security aspects of this WP Engine alternative are also high. It is so because they take care of the sites at the server or application level. Not only that, but SiteGround updates the plugins & other instances as well. The firewall is also upgraded at times to keep the WordPress website secure at all times.

7 Best WPEngine Alternatives (Cheaper & Faster) 2022 - Which Is Right For You? 10

The speed of the site gradually increases with the hosting services of SiteGround. It is helpful for image optimizations, caching, PHP control, and others. It comes with a free CDN & optimizer plugin.

The customer support services of SiteGround are available in live chats 24*7.

The pricing for SiteGround hosting begins at $6.99 per month. This is for one website with 10GB space and monthly 10,000 visits.

6. DreamPress

The next affordable and fastest WPEngine Alternative is DreamPress. DreamPress offers Dreamhost and has been getting positive reviews lately due to its efficient service offerings. Moreover, DreamPress hosting services are extremely fast.

7 Best WPEngine Alternatives (Cheaper & Faster) 2022 - Which Is Right For You? 11

It is an efficient WP Engine alternative as it offers the highest traffic limits for your WordPress site hosting needs. It has a $19.95 per month hosting plan that allows over 100,000 visits, while the WP engine offers only 25k at the exact pricing.

If you are looking for high traffic limits at less expenditure, DreamPress hosting services are ideal. The servers optimize feasibly for enhancing the responsiveness and load time aspect.

DreamPress, an excellent alternative for WP Engine, is also focused on offering highly secure hosting services. They do it with regular monitoring and take care of preventing all malware or security hazards from affecting your WordPress site.

The backups and updates are all automated, and you do not need to manually permit all of them. The hosting platform, DreamPress, will do it all by itself, which is a must for optimizing the website's performance.

The 24*7 customer support of DreamPress is also responsive. They handle all the customer queries and questions and also offer troubleshooting assistance.

The starting price for DreamPress is $2.95 per month. It comes with WordPress essential hosting services that are purely affordable and reliable.

7. Bluehost WP Pro

The high-end hosting alternative for WPEngine is Bluehost WP Pro. Bluehost WP Pro is one of the best WP Engine alternatives with intuitive packages. It is a managed WordPress hosting service that also offers automated website backups.

7 Best WPEngine Alternatives (Cheaper & Faster) 2022 - Which Is Right For You? 12

The Bluehost WP Pro has a $19.99 per month package. It provides high-end hosting services. It offers unlimited space and bandwidth without any shared hosting aspect. It is one of the best WP Engine alternatives to ensure better savings for hosting several sites.

This alternative to WP Engine, Bluehost WP Pro, offers you fast and efficient services. Bluehost WP Pro also gives access to several marketing services. Not only that but also to the paid ad credits, tools, and others to attain global reach.

Bluehost WP Pro gives users the ability to host unlimited websites. There are no limit restrictions on storage, traffic, or bandwidth. They also offer software and plugin updates. This makes it one of the most preferred WP Engine alternatives.

Bluehost WP Pro has a 24*7 customer support service. They mean to assist the clients and customers through call and chat modes.

The pricing of Bluehost WP Pro starts at $19.95  per month. They offer services for unlimited websites, bandwidth, and storage options.

Which is the Right WPEngine Alternative For You?

In my view, I would suggest Kinsta as the overall best WPEngine alternative. When it comes to affordable choice, you can go for Nexcess, Cloudways, and SiteGround.

I hope this post will help you find the suitable WPEngine Alternative for you. Cheers!

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