5 Cheapest WP Engine Alternatives of 2019

WP Engine, the leader of WordPress Managed Solutions got increased their prices recently. Though the price change is not big for starter plans (from $30 to $35) the pricing of mid/top level plans increased a lot. As a result, I can see most people putting questions like “What's the Best WP Engine Alternatives” on forums and groups.

Being customers to major Managed Hosting companies, I thought to write this post covering the most possible cheaper WP Engine Alternative hosting company that offers a very similar kind of performance like WP Engine.

The WP Engine Alternatives 2019

1. Kinsta

5 Cheapest WP Engine Alternatives of 2019 1

You might see most blogs ranking for this term “WP Engine Alternatives” recommend Kinsta as the best cheaper alternative and yes they're true. 

Kinsta is just like the early days of WP Engine but offering things which lack in WP Engine for a cheaper price. For example, WP Engine charges additional when choosing data center location of your wish and doesn't offer free CDN on its startup plan of $35/month.

If you check our Kinsta Review understands this and gives customers an option to choose the data center of their own from any of the sixteen Google data center locations and also offers a free CDN on its stater plan of $30/month.

If you closely look, Kinsta offers much more features for $30/month but WP Engine lacks those features but charges $35/month.

WP Engine is technologically much advanced than the other hosting companies and if you want a WP Engine Alternative which is as advanced as WP Engine, Kinsta is the ultimate choice for you.

Kinsta gives you the right blend of simplicity, stability, security, and performance. Also, it uses the Google Cloud Platform which makes the service even reliable.

  • Daily Backups

  • Brilliant Speed

  • Free Migrations

  • Tight security

  • Consistently good Uptime

  • Friendly Customer Support

2. A2 Hosting – Cheapest WP Engine Alternatives

5 Cheapest WP Engine Alternatives of 2019 2

A2 Hosting, the latest entrant in Managed Hosting space has plans from just $12.50/month and I'm truly impressed by their Plesk control panel which is neat, easy to access and people using cPanel will completely love it.

Furthermore, I already crowned them as the Fastest Web Hosting Company thus some of their features are

  • 20X  Faster turbo servers

  • Free Account Migration

  • 24/7 Support

  • Free SSL/CDN Certificate

  • Anytime Money Back Guarantee

3. SiteGround

5 Cheapest WP Engine Alternatives of 2019 3

Some of them might be confused how SiteGround came in the list, but I'm not recommending their basic SiteGround Startup Plan which can't be compared to Managed WordPress Hosting but GoGeek plan can be a real WP Engine Alternatives for cPanel lovers.

SiteGround is one of those hosting companies that cross our minds first as soon as we think of Web Hosting. This reflects its excellent popularity. Although SiteGround plans are a bit expensive in terms of the renewal price, every penny you spend on it is actually worth it since SiteGround offers a reliable mix of the most powerful features.

Over the years, users from all over the world have used SiteGround hosting and found it to be unimaginably effective for their running their websites.

  • SSD based Hosting

  • Advanced Speed Technologies

  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL

  • Own Firewall Security Rules

  • Auto Updates

4. DreamHost

Ever since DreamHost has started, it has been constantly striving to encourage more and more people to start their websites with the greatest ease without having to deal with the complexities of coding.

Apart from that, it also offers a perfect mix of advanced features that a user may need to host one’s website thus can be a reliable WP Engine Alternatives.

When I tested the DreamHost Hosting, I found all its features up to the mark and it surely is an amazing alternative to WP Engine.

  • Easy to use

  • Extremely fast

  • Brilliant 24X7 Support

  • Excellent Security

  • 100% Uptime

  • Free WHOIS Privacy

5. FlyWheel

FlyWheel makes web hosting a lot easier than ever before and it is the ultimate web hosting Company for those who want a fast, simple and quick hosting to start a website. Furthermore, it offers a fully managed WordPress Hosting with a bag full of advanced and highly useful tools for developers and agencies.

Most important, it offers the right hosting solution for a wide range of categories. If you are a WP Engine user who has been looking for a better alternative, you can certainly switch over to FlyWheel hosting.

  • Free SSL Certificate

  • Free Site Migration

  • Nightly Backups

  • Super fast Speed

  • Hacker-Free Security

  • Impressive Uptime

Finalizing the Best WP Engine Alternatives

If you check my WP Engine Review, you can understand WP Engine is more than a hosting company,  they developed special performance applications by which you can track individual page performance, bounce rate and you can actionable insights about your site for improving SEO and conversions.

Those things are exclusive to WP Engine and not available with any other company.

I am sure this post has been pretty useful for those of you who want to switch over from WP Engine to a better Alternative. I had to test a whole lot of web hosting companies to find the final list of 5 best WP Engine Alternatives.

Of course, it wasn’t an easy job and we tested the various web hosting companies in terms of their uptime, speed, security and other aspects.

I found all five WP Engine Alternatives to be equally good in all the aspects. You can read the post over and over again until you comprehend the features fully and this will help you choose the right hosting for your website.

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