WP Rocket Review 2019: The #1 Caching Plugin For WordPress

One of my long awaited Review is done today and its all about WP Rocket, the #1 caching plugin for WordPress which I use them on most sites I launched till now, thanks to Unlimited site license, I don't need to look for other caching plugins.

Before getting into this WP Rocket Review, look at how fast my site loads.

All hail to WP Rocket, though a good reliable hosting like FastComet needs to be used to achieve such results.

WP Rocket Review

Once you get an account, download the plugin, activate on your site by entering your email address.

You can also check this tutorial on how to configure WP Rocket for better load time! and let's see some of the most touted features of WP Rocket.

1. Intelligent Page Caching

Caching helps the webpages load exceptionally fast and this subsequently helps the website get pretty SEO friendly. Also, this is extremely helpful for conversions too.

As far as WP Rocket is concerned, it starts page caching immediately after it’s enabled.

The WP Rocket crawler simulates a visit to preload the cache and this largely improves the indexing of the website on search engines, thus offering better SEO results.

 2.Static Files Compression

WP Rocket makes the static files lighter by minifying the HTML, JavaScript and CSS files which means it removes the unnecessary characters and spaces from the files.

This eventually helps in largely accelerating the speed of the website. Below is the screenshot of testing this review post of WP Rocket with Google Page insights tool, the results for itself.

3. LazyLoad Media

LazyLoad is an amazing technique used by most powerful sites on the internet when enabled the images, videos or iframes loads only when the visitor scrolls to that particular section of the content.

Thus this feature reduces the HTTP requests, improving the loading time to a greater extent when configured properly like above.

4. Developer Friendly

WP Rocket is extremely developer friendly as it is based on a clean code with various hooks thus enabling developers to make the most out of the customization as per the needs

5. Quick Setup

The WP Rocket control panel has the simplest settings for the users, just within a few clicks, you can configure WP Rocket and make it running.

Even the users with zero technical knowledge can easily comprehend the options since they added a two lines explanation under each menu, one can easily understand whether they can enable the option or not.

6. CDN Compatibility

The WP Rocket allows you to configure it with the CDN service that you use like KeyCDN, Cloudflare etc.

While CDN configuration is a little bit harder for most people, the company made the simplest options along with detailed tutorials on how to configure a CDN.


They run support via tickets. Also, it offers video tutorials and FAQs to keep things easy for users. You can open tickets pertaining to any issue you face with the plugin.

Opening a ticket is pretty simple and all you have to do is get to the support page, enter your name, email id, domain name, WordPress version, WP Rocket version, and plugins enabled.

Then, you can mark the relevant checkboxes for the options that are enabled in your plugin. Thereafter, you can enter your subject, description, tick I agree and click on open a ticket.


The plugin is available in three plans.

The single plan is available for $49 and it comes with 1 website support and 1 year of support and updates.

The Plus plan at $99 comes with 3 sites support and 1 year of support and updates.

Last but not least, the Infinite plan is available for $249 with 1 year of support and updates. This plan allows you to use the plugin on unlimited sites.

WP Rocket runs some special sales some time, so check for WP Rocket Black Friday or Halloween Deal to get a min of 25% OFF on all plans.


As stated at the beginning of this WP Rocket Review 2019, you can see the loading time of this site tested under various tools and I'm wholly satisfied when using WP Rocket.

WP Rocket Review 2019: The #1 Caching Plugin For WordPress

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