WPX Hosting Vs WP Engine

WPX Hosting Vs Cloudways Comparison 2022 – Which WP Host is Good?

WPX Hosting Vs WP Engine

If you are trying to figure out the differences between WPX Hosting and Cloudways, you are reading the right post at the moment.

In this post, I will try to make you aware of the critical differences between Cloudways and WPX Hosting.

History of WPX Hosting and Cloudways

WPX Hosting entered the industry in 2013, and one of those companies got good positive word of mouth reviews among online communities. So far, the service has been pretty impressive with fantastic speed, stability, and security.

Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting platform founded in 2009. Over the years, the company offered brilliant managed hosting solutions for digital agencies and eCommerce businesses. Most importantly, the platform provides customers with excellent flexibility and choice alongside a dedicated support team.

WPX Hosting Vs Cloudways: Performance

WPX Hosting guarantees 99.95% uptime SLA while Cloudways with Vultr offers 100% uptime SLA (Digital Ocean – 99.99% SLA). So, Cloudways is a clear winner, and now it's time to see which host performs faster.

I put a single demo site on WPX Hosting and three demo sites on Cloudways cheapest plans (Linode, Digital Ocean, and Vultr). The tool tracked the response time across ten USA locations, and here are the average response time reports.

  • Cloudways Linode: 379ms
  • Cloudways Digital Ocean: 352ms
  • Cloudways Vultr: 343ms
  • WPX Hosting: 432ms
WPX Hosting Vs Cloudways Comparison 2022 - Which WP Host is Good? 1

While Cloudways response time is 343ms on Vultr, WPX response time is 432 ms, making Cloudways the fastest hosting between the two.

Cloudways also gets a leading edge over WPX Hosting in terms of data center locations. Cloudways has over 60 data center locations, while WPX Hosting has just 3 data center locations only.

WPX Hosting Vs Cloudways Comparison 2022 - Which WP Host is Good? 2
Cloudways comes with 60+ data centers from 25+ global locations.
WPX Hosting Vs Cloudways Comparison 2022 - Which WP Host is Good? 3
WPX got Datacenter in the US, UK, and Australia

This means Cloudways customers can easily select the data center locations close to their target audience for better content delivery. In contrast, WPX Hosting customers don't have so many options to choose from.

Get $25 Credits on Cloudways with Code: BIO25

WPX Hosting or Cloudways: Which is good for Support?

Here is an interesting difference I observed in terms of support.

Even though both WPX Hosting and Cloudways are known for good support through live chat and tickets, I found WPX Hosting support service to be comparatively better since it is fast to connect within seconds and the executives are pretty knowledgeable.

However, in the case of Cloudways, customers usually have to chat with a bot first before they can chat with a real person.

Cloudways and WPX Hosting: Features

Moving over to the essential features, WPX Hosting offers CDN and email for free. However, it is available as an add-on in Cloudways and costs $1.

WPX Hosting provides customers with DDoS Protection and Malware Removal. Some of the features that both the services have in common are staging sites, automatic backups, and the latest PHP.

Cloudways Vs WPX Hosting: Pricing

Considering the plans and pricing, Cloudways is better than WPX Hosting, with more resources and unlimited sites for comparatively many affordable prices.

For instance, Cloudways lowest tier plan of $10 per month comes with unlimited sites and a generous resource limit of 1TB bandwidth, while WPX Hosting lowest tier plan costs $24.99 per month and comes with only 5 sites support 10GB Bandwidth.

Cloudways is undoubtedly the winner in terms of pricing. Being an existing Cloudways user, they are generous enough to offer $25 free credit for my site visitors. Use code “BIO25” while signing up, or check our exclusive Cloudways Promo Code 2022 post for more coupons and deals.

Another thing, Cloudways is built on Cloud architecture, which means scaling is easier at just a few clicks. However, WPX Hosting is like shared hosting, scaling is not possible, and once you hit the bandwidth limit, you need to upgrade to a higher plan.


If we consider performance, pricing, and features, choosing Cloudways (with $25 credits) over WPX Hosting would be the right thing to do for sure.

However, if you are looking for fast technical support, WPX Hosting is the one to choose from.

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  1. Skid Steer Tracks says:

    As a professional in the Web Service industry. 4 nines (99.99) is hard to come by. It’s something like only ~45 minutes of downtime allowed per year.

    Cloud architecture is what everybody should be on.

    Great stuff to thing about here.

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