WPX Hosting Black Friday Deals 2020 (Best FLAT 95% OFF)

WPX Hosting Black Friday for 2020 is right around the corner and what this space for the latest WPX Hosting happenings.

WPX Hosting, the managed WordPress hosting company is getting wide applause from the blogging community. WPX Hosting Black Friday is something I'm waiting for and I'm going to get an account to host my Amazon niche sites.

WPX Hosting Black Friday
WPX Hosting Black Friday

WPX Hosting Black Friday Deals 2020

There are three deals you can enjoy with WPX Hosting Black Friday sales. Let us discuss them in a brief.

WPX Hosting Black Friday Deal 1 – 95% OFF

WPX Hosting seems to offers the best Black Friday in the managed WP hosting category where you'll be getting 95% OFF in the first month for new customers.

Apart from Hostinger Black Friday, WPX is the only host to offer more than a 95% discount, where the plans start from $20 per month.

WPX Hosting Black Friday Deal 2 – Three Months Free

If you choose the WPX Hosting Annual package, you're entitled to receive three months of additional hosting for zero charges. Clearly, pay for 12 months during WPX Hosting Black Friday and enjoy 15 months of hosting experience.

Both the WPX Hosting Black Friday Deal starts from November 2020.

Is WPX Hosting Black Friday Worth It?

As already discussed, I'm going to host my Amazon niche sites on WPX Hosting. I explain why?

WPX Cloud Hosting CDN

WPX Cloud service is free to all customers. WPX Cloud offers dramatically boosting website speed around the world  with a high level of security & DDOS protection, and you don't need to buy (expensive) third-party CDNs (like MaxCDN or Cloudflare)

You can also look for Flywheel Black Friday Deal for $13 per month which uses Fastly CDN that comes with more POP locations compared to WPX.

WPX is adding new locations regularly to its network, so hosting your site won't be a problem anymore.

Free Email Hosting:

If you're not aware, I'm completely into a white hat link building where most of my links will be done via outreach. Except for WPX Hosting Black Friday, none of the best WordPress hosting company offers email hosting. I pay premium pricing for hosting, so I expect the hosting company to provide free email hosting and I don't like paying $5 for GSuite.

So, I do a lot of outreach for niches sites, so its the foremost reason for me to choose WPX Hosting.

Multiple Websites Hosting on the single plan:

Look out for any companies, the starter plan allows only single website hosting, and to host a second website, you need to upgrade to higher plans or need to pay some additional charges.

WPX Hosting allows five websites hosted on their starter plan which is absolutely affordable for bloggers like me. For a mere $24.99/month, I can host five websites and I don't need to pay any additional amount.

WPX Hosting Black Friday Pricing

And for this Black Friday, WPX Hosting doubles the resources, i.e., I can enjoy ten websites hosting the same pricing with doubled bandwidth and disk space. Still, you can't find a hosting company offering such features.

Enterprise Level DDOS/Malware Protection

Can you name a company offering enterprise DDOS protection for your sites? Every company recommends you a third-party provider for DDOS protection but you can feel blessed to get Free DDOS protection for your sites through WPX Hosting.

The least pricing for entry-level DDOS protection costs $25 from reputed companies. You can save such costs with WPX Hosting Black Friday.

Customer Support

I can't think of a company that offers poor customer support. That's why I always recommend a managed hosting company. Managing websites shouldn't be my thing. I'm an affiliate marketer and I have my own priorities.

Even during this WPX Hosting Black Friday Deals or during new year eve, you'll get connected to an agent in few seconds and they never outsource support.

You can visit WPX Hosting site at any time and trust me there will be a customer support agent to welcome you. The customer support is knowledgeable since WPX Hosting is WordPress exclusive, they are well trained on core things and your websites will be safe with a good company.


There are a lot more things to talk about this company. However, I feel you should get an account to feel it. With three WPX Hosting Black Friday Cyber Monday deals, you have good options to choose from.

Bough WPX and looking to stackup new deals? Check for InterServer Black Friday Deals 2020 which comes with 50% lifetime discount on its shared hosting plans.

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