WPX Black Friday Deals in 2022

I am sure you want to know what WPX stores for you this coming Black Friday. You are on the right post for sure and I am going to explain everything that you need to know about WPX Black Friday.

WPX Black Friday is about to begin and this WPX Black Friday is offering you two great deals that will get you super excited.

WPX Black Friday Deals in 2022 1

WPX Black Friday

Before I get to the deals, it's important to first get you familiar with the WPX pricing. WPX has three great plans and the lowest tier plan starts at $24.99 per month with up to 5 websites and 10 GB storage.

The mid-tier plan, Professional costs $49.99 per month with up to 15 websites, and 20 GB storage, and the highest tier plan, Elite costs $99 per month with up to 35 websites and 40 GB Storage.

WPX Black Friday starts on November 29 2022 and will continue till December 2, 2022. The WPX Black Friday gives you a golden chance to have something more. The WPX Black Friday has two great deals for you.

Deal 1 – $2 for the first two months

This deal is only for new customers. Irrespective of what plan you select from the three available WPX plans, new customers will need to pay only $2 for the first two months. Isn't that a great deal? If you aren't a new customer but want to capitalize on this deal, you can do it by creating a new WPX account.

Deal 2 – 6 additional months for FREE

This deal is for all. However, to grab this deal, you must choose a plan for 2 years since the deal is on 2-year hosting plans only. As you buy any WPX plan for 2 years on this Black Friday, you will get 6 additional FREE months.

If you are a new customer, you can capitalize on both deals. You must strive to get any of your favorite WPX plans for 2 years and that way, you will grab both deals.

How to claim the WPX Black Friday deals?

Claiming WPX Black Friday deals is pretty simple. You can start by clicking on our exclusive offer link and this will get you to the WPX offer page. After you get there, I would recommend choosing a plan for 2 years and If you are a new customer, this will make you eligible for both deals.

After you select a plan, you can click on the Get Started button to proceed to the checkout page. After you get there you will have to fill in a few important details and the offer code will be automatically applied. The next best thing that you can do is complete your payment process and that's how simple it is to claim the WPX Black Friday deal.

WPX Features

WPX comes with high performance

The success of a site largely depends on its performance. However, performance has many aspects. I tested the WPX service by conducting some crucial performance tests on my WPX site recently and the results were very impressive.

I tested the server response time of my site using the Pingdom tool and my site recorded an average of 407 ms, which means WPX sites are exceptionally fast. Besides, I tested the uptime of my site and my site recorded an uptime of 100%.

Further, my WPX site has a decent load handling ability and it also has excellent Global TTFB and Core Web Vitals.

WPX comes with a Powerful FREE CDN

Content Delivery Networks are extensively used by hosting services and website owners these days and using CDNs has created a lot of difference for many people.

WPX has its CDN solution and it's called WPX Cloud CDN. The host offers it for free on all plans. The CDN works better than traditional CDNs and is pretty powerful in improving the content delivery of sites.

WPX offers FREE staging

Staging is a pretty handy feature and WPX offers to stage for FREE on all plans. Besides, the feature is pretty easy to use. Users can create staging sites in no time and easily test different modifications. Once you finish testing, you can easily deploy the final changes to the production site.

WPX has an excellent backup system

Without a proper backup system in place, you are on the verge of losing your site data unexpectedly at any time. When I looked into the backup system of WPX, I found it very reliable with Free automated daily backups. Further, you can easily restore a backup point anytime when required. WPX stores every backup point for 28 days.

WPX has a robust security system

Websites are surrounded by a lot of online threats and your site could be the next victim unless you take proper care of your website's security. WPX's security system is rock-solid, characterized by enterprise-level DDoS protection, Malware Scanning and Removal, email spam filtering, free SSL, automatic WordPress updates, and two-factor authentication.

WPX comes with a very reliable support

When you are managing a website, you may encounter many technical difficulties, and that is when the role of a support team comes into play. WPX has a team of WordPress experts to help the customers 24/7 through live chat, and tickets.

WPX Black Friday Summary

WPX Black Friday is the right time to buy a WPX plan if you haven't already. You can get an additional 6 months for free on any plan when you get for 2 years plus $2 only for the first two months if you are a new customer. The offer is going live on November 29 2022 and will continue till December 2, 2022.

I have also explained how you can claim the deals. I am sure you are pretty clear about the WPX Black Friday and also fully ready for grabbing the deal when the offer goes live. For now, you can bookmark this post with the exclusive offer link for quick access.